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Version 2.1: Recently Used Files 2013 : Download here
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Recently Used Files is an Add-In for Visual Studio to manage the files you are currently working on.
  • This add-in gives you your own dashboard with items you recently worked on in your Visual studio editor,
  • Provides a Quick and handy way to navigate to these items and manage them.
  •  Applicable to :
    • Code files in your Visual Studio Project
    • TFS tasks and bugs that you are working with in the Visual studio editor.
  • Supported for Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013


New Version 2.1 of Recently Used Files is now available!!

Removes the need of the Recently Used Files Addin to always be visible in the editor. It now remembers the Auto-hide property of the Recently Used Files addin window, so that if you have set the window to Auto-hide, it will get out of your way when not needed, and you can have maximum editor space for your development. Pressing (Ctrl + Q), or clicking on the auto-hid addin window will make the addin window visible again for you to select a file.

 New Version 2.0 of Recently Used Files is now available!!
  • Brand New Faster UI with icons!
  • Keyboard shortcut enhancements: 
    • Ctrl+2 to activate plugin, (Ctrl+Q in non-VSIX versions)
    • Up-Down keys to navigate, as well as Tab & Shift-Tab keys
    • Type first character to go to file
    • Enter/Space to select, 
    • Delete to remove file from dashboard and editor



  • The idea behind this add-in is that for most of our work, we generally work with 3 to 10 files at a time, which belong to a huge solution.
  • Switching between files in the editor, and finding them again and again is painful.
  • This add-in gives you buttons to quickly navigate to, and manage the multiple files open in your editor.
  • Sometimes we close a file in the editor, and have to search the file in the solution to open it again.
  • Even if the file is closed in the editor, the add-in will maintain a link to the file, so that it can be easily retrieved.  
  • The add-in provides the option of 'Sync' to get your dashboard up-to-date with the open files in the editor, and remove any files that are closed in the Visual studio editor.
  •  Also provides for different ways of sorting the files on the dashboard- alphabetically, or having the most recent file on top.
  • Has Keyboard shortcuts(Ctrl+Q) to go to the add-in, and also tab order for the files on dashboard.
  • Auto-populates the dashboard with files open in the solution when a solution is opened.
  •  Has support for vertical and horizontal docking. 

Make 'Recently Used Files' your companion in Visual Studio, and make your development more efficient! 

Recently Used Files 2.1.0 is also available on the Visual Studio Extension gallery here.

In order to install this: 

  • Install the Recently Used Files msi for the appropriate version of Visual Studio (you can install both too)
  • Go to Tools->Add-In Manager, and select Recently Used Files, and also set it to run at start if you want.
  • Restart Visual Studio
  • It will appear as a menu-item in the Tools menu as shown below. You can also activate it by hitting Ctrl+Q.


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